Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs 




Assoc. Prof. Kristiyan Postadzhiyan, PhD, is a full-time lecturer in the Department of Cinema, Advertising and Showbusiness His main research interests are in the field of advertising. He is an author of the master program "Advertising Management and Visual Branding", and is among the founders of one of the most successful educational formats in Bulgaria - Advertising Academy. He is the author of various articles in the field of corporate communications, as well as the monograph "Techniques for building consumer engagement in advertising."


As a lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, Associate Professor Kristiyan Postadzhiyan leads various courses in the field of advertising, as well as a number of practices and projects. He has held the positions of Program Director and Director of the Program Council at the Department of Cinema, Advertising and Showbusiness.


Assoc. Prof. Kristiyan Postadzhiyan, PhD
Building 1, Room 104

tel.: +359 8110 225

еmail: kpostagian@nbu.bg


 Vice-Rector for Quality Assurance and Accreditation


Assoc. Prof. Juliana Galabinova, PhD is a full-time lecturer at the Center for Public Administration at the New Bulgarian University since 2004 - the year when she was also appointed as the Director of the Undergraduate Program "Administration and Management". Since the beginning of 2012 she is a Program Director at the Center for Public Administration and from November 2012 is also the Dean of the Undergraduate School at the New Bulgarian University.

In 2008 she defended her thesis and graduated with a Ph.D. in "Regional Economics and Administration". She is an author of publications in the fields of local governance, the development of large cities, decentralization, and cohesion policy of the European Union. She participates in numerous national and international conferences on topics related to local government financing, regional development, anti-corruption practices etc.

She teaches lectures on: Regional and local policies, Civil society and the NGO sector, Regional development, Local governance, Administrative ethics, Project management, Administrative capacity in managing EU funds, Strategic management in the public sector

Contact information:
Assoc. Prof. Juliana Galabinova, Ph.D.

Building 1, Room 225,
tel.: +359 8110 102
e-mail: jgalabinova@nbu.bg







Emilia Dimitrova, Ph. D, is a full-time lecturer at the Department of Law. She has held the position of Director of the Program Council at the Law Department (2016 – 2022).

In 2007 Dr. Dimitrova defended her doctoral thesis on “Factoring” and graduated with a Ph. D. in Law. She is an author of publications in the field of Trade Law and Competition Law. She participates at national and international conferences on current issues in Private Law.

As a lecturer at the New Bulgarian University Dr. Dimitrova teaches the following courses: Civil Law, Competition Law, EU Internal Market Law and Social Enterprise Law.


Contact information:
Assist. prof. Emiliya Dimitrova

Building 1, Room 221,
tel.: +359 2 8110 221
e-mail: edimitrova@nbu.bg



Vice-Rector for International Affairs



Dimitar Trendafilov, Ph.D., is a member of Department of Economics and lecturer in marketing and brand management, including in the dual diploma programs in collaboration with University of Sheffield. He took a master degree in BA and marketing management (2009), and doctoral degree in the Centre for Semiotic Studies at NBU (2014), both with focus on branding and brand management. Between 2015 and 2017 he was a consultant and administrative head of the undergraduate program “Marketing” and postgraduate program “Marketing management”.

His research interests are in the field of marketing research, consumer behavior, commercial/brand communications and intellectual property management. His experience is formed in the marketing departments of two local companies and in various research and consulting projects in and outside NBU. Dr. Trendafilov has participated in two world congresses in semiotics (La Coruna and Sofia) as well as in national and international conferences of marketing and applied semiotics (Semiofest – London, Barcelona, Toronto; International Brand Conference – Hertfordshire, UK; International Early-fall School of Semiotics – Sozopol, Bulgaria).

Dr. Trendafilov has published the monograph “Semiotic Studies on Brand: instruments, analyses and results” (NBU, 2017) and the e-textbook “Retail Marketing and Management” (NBU, 2018), as well as more than 20 articles and translated studies in online issues and collections, in Bulgarian and English.


Contact information:
Dimitar Trendafilov, Ph.D.

Building 1, Room 125,
tel.: +359 2 8110 231
e-mail: dtrendafilov@nbu.bg