Transfer students





Students who finished at least one semester in another university in Bulgaria or abroad and wish to transfer to NBU to complete their studies should submit the listed documents below:


  1. Application form
  2. Official diploma for completed secondary education and diploma supplement;
  3. Original or notarized copy of your Academic transcript;
  4. Two recent passport-size photos;
  5. A copy of the first page of your passport or other identification documents with your names in Latin letters, date and place of birth;
  6. Copies of language certificates.


Please note that the diploma and diploma supplement, the academic transcript and the medical certificate must be officially legalized in the country where secondary education has been completed, then translated into Bulgarian and legalized. An APOSTILLE Certificate is required for the countries who have signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.


For more information regarding the APOSTILLE stamp and the authorities, authorized to issue APOSTILLE, please refer to www.hcch.net or http://www.apostilleinfo.com/.

For Non-EU citizens the admission process is from April 2023 to July 2023.



If you have Bulgarian citizenship, foreign secondary education diploma and you are transferring from a foreign University, you are not required to deposit medical certificate but your secondary high school diploma must be deposited first in the Regional Inspectorate of Education (http://ruo-sofia-grad.com/) where it must be recognized.  




  • Students admitted to NBU programs who graduated or transferred from other higher education institutions are eligible for accreditation of courses.
  • The accreditation is done by the Accreditation Committees of the faculties. Applicants write a request for accreditation of courses addressed to the Dean of the respective faculty, enclosing a copy of a document for completed education or academic transcript.
  • Students graduating from vocational colleges or specialized high schools may accredit courses from the first part of the Bachelor program on the basis of documents proving acquired knowledge and skills.
  • The Accreditation Committee of the relevant faculty accredits the courses, taking into account the proposal of the program councils.
  • The application for accreditation is submitted at the Student Center, Building 1.
  • Students who do not receive accreditation may get grades by taking equivalency exams after the permission of the Dean of the respective faculty.