Deadline and fees 



Tuition fees 2017/2018
Bachelor programs  Free student EU countries Macedonia /Palestina Non EU countries
1100BGN 1200BGN          750EUR     1350EUR 
Bachelor programs – exceptions
Bulgarian language for foreigners – 1 year  1500BGN  - 750EUR  
“Hotel and Restaurant Management” 1000BGN 1000BGN  750EUR  1350EUR 
“Political sciences” (in English) 1100BGN 1200BGN  750EUR 750EUR 
“Informatics”, “Networking technologies” (in English),
“Multimedia and Computer Graphics“,
“Cinema and Television”, “Graphic Design”,
“Business administration”, “Marketing”,
“Advertising”, “Tourism”, “Finances”,
“Accounting and Audit”, “Psychology”
1200BGN 1300BGN   750EUR  1350EUR 
“Fashion”, “Interior design”, “Plastic arts”, “Theatre”,
“Psychology” (in English)
1300BGN 1400BGN  750EUR  1350EUR
 “Music” 1500BGN 1600BGN  825EUR 1350EUR 
"Applied foreign languages for administration and management (in English and second foreign language) 1200BGN 1200BGN 750EUR

1200BGN** 750EUR


* All tuition fees are per semester.

**Fee for member countries and observer countries of the International Organization of Francophonie.