The School of General Education provides training in the first two years of the Bachelor's degree - Bachelor program I part. The training includes general education - general education courses (OOK) for knowledge and general education courses for skills - foreign language, Bulgarian language, computer skills, sports and arts - first level of general education.

Emphasis in undergraduate programs Part I is the second specialized stage from the general education, which include courses divided into two parts taught in basic research fields, training (lectures) or introductory courses in the scientific field. Along with the general education courses are also studied courses in the selected program. The main objectives of the training are to achieve specialized training base in the scientific field of the selected program, increasing the share of practical knowledge and provide step complexity of knowledge.


The School of Undergraduate Studies provides training in the third and fourth year of the Bachelor -Bachelor's Program Part II. After completion the Bachelor's programs Part I studentscontinue their education in undergraduate programs Part II that direct the educationto specialize in their chosen field of study. In Bachelor's Program Part II are taughtspecialized audience coursework, extracurricular learning modes and lecture training courses (for some programs). Part of undergraduate programs offer separatespecialization in the third and fourth years of study. Students are able to enrolladditionally minor - program or two independent study undergraduate programs.
Bachelor programs Part II aims to provide students with the necessary skills to upgrade and more specialized training in the master's degree, such as great opportunities for professional development.


The School of Graduate Studies provides training in the masters and doctoral programs. The Faculty organizes training in the five-year MP "Law" and the six-year MP "Architecture" submission under unified state requirements for acquiring highereducation in "Right" and "Architecture". The MBA students are accepted afterBachelor degree. Master's programs can be professional or specialized research-oriented. For prospective students who have completed undergraduate programs in the field other than the selected degree program, are being offered preparatorymodules. Much of master's programs offer learning opportunities to students withdegree "Professional Bachelor" from the professional field of the program - by recording the upgrade semester.
In doctoral programs admit students after a Master's degree. Doctoral program leads to a degree of "Doctor."


The School of Distance, Digital and Continuing Education 

The School of Distance, Digital and Continuing Education oversees a variety of units providing alternative forms of education and teaching at New Bulgarian University. The School consists of the Center for Distance and Digital Education, Center for Professional and Continuing Education and IT Certification Center.

Distance learning programs employ a variety of modern teaching methods that include printed and visual course materials, video tutorials, self-study and consultations with course advisors.

Intensive (part-time) learning programs lead to Professional Bachelor’s degrees. They take three years to complete and are offered only at the local centers in Varna, Vidin or Plovdiv. Classes are conducted in three consecutive days (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) with assessment of student work performed the following week. Students in intensive learning programs do not use coursebooks or the MOODLE NBU platform.

Our continuing education opportunities include programs of study, academic lectures and seminars, workshops, master classes and summer schools open for everyone with no restrictions to age or educational background. Available throughout the academic year, these intensive courses are practice-oriented and most of them are eligible for transfer credit in NBU’s degree-bearing programs of study.

The Center for Professional and Continuing Education is certified under ISO 9001:2008.

The Certification Center provides year-round computer training courses and IT certification exams for leading international companies. Successful graduates of licensed IT Academies are awarded certificates that are recognized and preferred by many companies and enhance your employment chances



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