Assoc. Prof. Kristiyan Postadzhiyan, PhD.


Office hours:
Monday: 13:00- 15:00
Thursday: 13:00-15:00

Tel: +359 2 8110 163
E-mail: kpostagian@nbu.bg
Building 1, office 123


Prof. Kristiyan Postadzhiyan, PhD, is a full-time lecturer in the Department of Cinema, Advertising and Showbusiness. His main research interests are in the field of advertising. He is an author of the master program "Advertising Management and Visual Branding", and is among the founders of one of the most successful educational formats in Bulgaria - Advertising Academy. He is the author of various articles in the field of corporate communications, as well as the monograph "Techniques for building consumer engagement in advertising."


As a lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, Associate Professor Kristiyan Postadzhiyan leads various courses in the field of advertising, as well as a number of practices and projects. He has held the positions of Program Director and Director of the Program Council at the Department of Cinema, Advertising and Showbusiness.