Transfer Credit Policy, Degree Completion & Commencement


Transfer Credit Policy, Degree Completion & Commencement


Transfer Credit Policy 

New Bulgarian University has developed a policy of accepting course credit completed at other colleges and universities. All requests for transfer credit must be approved by respective Transfer Credit Committees established at each NBU School.
To obtain transfer credit approval, please follow this procedure:

  • Students seeking transfer credit approval for courses taken at other colleges and universities should submit the completed Transfer Credit Evaluation Request accompanied with copies of relevant diplomas, certificates and academic transcripts. The request should be addressed to the Rector of NBU and submitted at the Student Information Center, Main Lobby, Building 1, Floor 1.
  • Students with degrees from professional colleges and specialized high schools may apply for transfer credit toward the requirements of the two-year Undergraduate Core Curriculum in which you will fulfill general education requirements and explore your major options. Your application should be supported by evidence of acquisition of skills and knowledge.
  • Transfer credit determination is made by the respective Transfer Credit Committee with consideration given to the opinion of the Program Council expressed on the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request. The determination is then submitted to the Rector for final approval.

If the credit transfer you have requested is not approved, you may apply for Credit by Examination. You may apply for as many courses as you wish, but each application is subject to the review and approval by Deans of respective NBU Schools.

Degree Criteria for Year of Admission
Catalog year determines the set of academic requirements that must be fulfilled for graduation. Students graduate under the catalog in effect when they first enroll as degree-seeking students at NBU. Please refer to the NBU Catalog for a complete listing of degree requirements for their catalog year.

Upon completion of the coursework degree requirements you will be required to register for an additional semester to fulfil your thesis/final state examination requirements. Applications for Admission to Final State Examination and Requests for Approval of Bachelor’s/Master's Thesis Topic should be filed with your academic department at least one month prior to the date of the examination/thesis defense.

Degree Conferral & Diploma Issuance
When you fulfil your thesis/final examination requirements you are ready to apply for degree conferral and diploma issuance at the Student Information Center, Main Lobby, Building 1.


Please submit the following documents:

  • Diploma Issuance Request Form
  • Confirmation from the NBU Library that you have no outstanding books or other obligations at the library
  • Two passport-size photographs

Students enrolled at the NBU after the academic year 2004 to 2005 may request a Diploma Supplement at the Office of Student Services, Room 211

Commencement Ceremony
A commencement ceremony is held every academic year on 1-st of November and 24-th of May.
It is expected that all students will attend their commencement ceremony. Those who are unable to attend can pick up their diplomas in Room 110, Floor 1, Building 1. For additional information please call: +359 2 8110 211, +359 2 8110 251.