Deadline and fees



Tuition fees 2017/2018
Master programs  Free student EU countries Macedonia /Palestina Non EU countries
1100BGN 1200BGN 750EUR 1350EUR 
Master programs – exceptions
“Architecture”  - 1650BGN 850EUR   1350EUR 
“Management and perfection in the organization”
- introductory/building on module in Bulgarian
1480BGN 1550BGN  950EUR  1350EUR 
- 1150BGN  580EUR 650EUR 
“International business communications”
(in English)
- -   750EUR  1350EUR 
 “Music performance” 1590BGN 1690BGN  850EUR  1350EUR
 “Law” - 1600BGN  825EUR 1350EUR 
“Human resource management and development”
- in English
- introductory module in English
and in Bulgarian
 1480BGN  1550BGN 950EUR 1350EUR
1730BGN 1800BGN 1000EUR 1100EUR
- 590BGN 300EUR 300EUR
“Strategic leadership
(in Bulgarian and in English)
- 1200BGN 750EUR


* All tuition fees are per semester.