Доц. д-р Пламен Бочков


Professor Plamen Bochkov, PhD was elected Rector of NBU on 5 March 2012. He teaches in the Bachelor’s degree programs in Anthropology, Sociology and Social Anthropology as well in the Master’s degree program in Culture and Social Anthropology at NBU. He is a member of NBU’s Department of Anthropology and has conducted research in the Folklore Theory Section at the Institute of Folkloristics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Plamen’s professional interests are in the field of folkloristics (Bulgarian Heroic epos, folklore history, legends, and folklore theory), anthropology (gender and social roles, migration and cultural identity), and ethnology (ethical images of men and women, ethical communities and cultures). He has completed specialization in folkloristics in Russia and Finland.

Dean of the School for General Education of NBU (2002–2006), Vice Rector for Academics and Accreditation (2006-2010). His works include The Unknown Hero (1994), An Introduction to Folklore Culture (2002) and ‘We” vs. ‘Others’. Studies in Ethnology (2009).