Career counseling



What is “Career Counseling”?


Career counseling is the process of gaining knowledge, experience, values, attitudes and skills in pursuit of professional excellence. The meaning of “the right career” depends on its influence on one’s confidence in their professional qualities, the desire for life-long development and the improvement of the quality of life.
Career counseling, oriented towards career development, includes assessment procedures and discussions, aimed at gaining information, as well as counseling and planning. What determines the need of this type of counseling is the set of factors, such as unrealistic expectations, low level of awareness and information bombardment, which prove to seriously impede the choice of appropriate career.
The NBU Center for Career Development and Educational Resources offers career counseling to prospective and current students, as well as to alumni of the University who:

  • Would like to increase their level of self-awareness;
  • Need guidance in the choice of appropriate career;
  • Need assistance in order to make an informed choice of a new career. 

Would like to learn more about the CV and Motivational Letter writing conventions, the appropriate behavior during a job interview, etc.

Contact information:
New Bulgarian University
21 Montevideo Str.
The Center for Career Development and Educational Resources
Building І, Room 101
tel: +359 2 8110 131+359 2 81 10 141
e-mail: career@nbu.bg
facebook: CareerDevelopmentCenterNBU