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New Bulgarian University provides an accessible environment, specialized equipment, teaching materials and assistance in the learning process. The library offers a variety of information resources and services for students with special needs, as well as effective study environment with assistive technology.


  • Ask A Librarian
  • Ask our librarians for any information regarding using the library::

  • Library and Information Services and Assitants
  • If you require special assistance, please contact:


    Students with special needs may enroll without visiting the library, by email: library@nbu.bg or phone: 02/8110296, sending their name and Student ID number.


    To borrow library items for home, use The Loan Service. See the loan rules. If not able to visit the library, make request for a document at library@nbu.bg or phone 02/8110296. If available, it will be kept for you behind the Service Loan Desk or shipped to your delivery address. Documents can be returned by post or courier to the mailing address of the library. The postmark is considered for return date.
    Sofia 1618
    Housing complex Ovcha kupel
    21, Montevideo Street
    New Bulgarian University Library
    Service Loan Desk

    Renewing library materials
    You can renew each library item for one extra month only once. You can use Renew button in "My account" profile in the library catalogue, either/or email: library@nbu.bg and phone: 02/8110296. The renewal may be refused if there are reservations.


    Holding books
    You can reserve books if all copies of that particular item are already being borrowed. To reserve a book, first check on the library catalogue that all copies are out on loan. Then click on Reserve button and follow the instructions displayed. You can use also either/or email: library@nbu.bg and phone: 02/8110296. You will be notified when the book you have reserved is returned and is available for you to loan.

    Delivery of items
    You can receive via your e-mail journal articles, newspapers, digests or chapters from a book from The Library Catalogue and Catalogues from other libraries, in TXT, Word, PDF, WAV or MP3 format. You can also order it online to library@nbu.bg or via phone: 02/8110296.


    Bibliographic Reference
    This is a bibliographic reference list of literature (in TXT, Word, PDF, WAV or MP3 format) in the field that you are interested in. It can contain books, articles from periodical publications from The Library Catalogue and Catalogues from other libraries. NBU Library owns ready bibliographic references for different fields which you can choose from or make your own request via email: library@nbu.bg and phone: 02/8110296.

    Bibliographical Formatting
    Formatting a bibliography of works according to preferred bibliographic standard. The document is sent back to you in TXT, Word or PDF format. Make request on email: library@nbu.bg or via phone: 02/8110296.

    Journal e-Mail Alerting Service
    To receive current alerting with the table of contents of new issues of journals (in TXT, Word, PDF, WAV or MP3 format) - use this service. You can also order it online to library@nbu.bg or via phone: 02/8110296.

    Recommend a Book for Purchase
    If the library doesn’t possess any of the books, which will be in use for your education, you can give a suggestion for purchasing on either/or email: library@nbu.bg and phone: 02/8110296. It will help us greatly if your suggestions include as much information as possible e.g. author or editor, title, publisher, date of publication and format.


  • Campus Accessibility
  • For the convenience both of NBU students and visitors, a tactile path for the blind has been created, starting from the street outside the university and finishing both in the courtyard in front of the main entrance and the inner entrance of the first building, where there is an automatic door. The panoramic lift is situated on the ground floor and can be reached very quickly. The entrance of the library is in the lobby of the second floor.

  • Technical Services and Assistants
  • If you need assistance using any of the technical services, or have any problems, our team we'll be on hand to help:


    • B&W and Colour Copying;
    • B&W and Colour Printing;
    • Braille Text Printing;
    • Laminating;
    • Binding;
    • B&W and Colour Scanning.