Personal collections

Experience books, magazines and collections of prominent Bulgarian and foreign scientists, donated to the university. The majority of the collections are located in the Reading room "Prof. Ivanka Apostolova, D.Sc.". The call number starts with the first letter of the scientist's name and surname.


  Prof. Aleksandar Fol
Professor Aleksandar Fol is a bulgarian historian and thracologist. The collection was born in 2007. It includes editions whose author or editor the professor is, as well as such owned by him. Thematic areas cover History of Old World, ancient history of the South Eastern Europe, Indo-European Studies and Thracian Studies, History of Ancient Greek and Thracian culture, History of Middle Ages and Modern history. Call number begins with "АФ".
Prof. Dr. Armin Hohlweg
Prof. Dr. Armin Hohlweg is a german Byzantine historian. His research area is the history of Byzantine philosophy. The collection was born in 2010 and contains valuable editions in the field of Byzantine history, culture and art. Signature begins with "АХ". 
Atanas Slavov
Atanas Slavov is a bulgarian writer and interpreter. He has been working abroad during most of his life, like in the "Radio Free Europe", "BBC - Radio London", "Voice of America". While being in the United States he creates a publishing house, which intends to assis the bulgarian immigrants in writing. After 1989 he returns to Bulgaria. He donates his archive to the library of the NBU. The collection is characterized by great diversity in thematic areas. One of the most valuable materials are early 20th century publications in english and books which are signed. Call number begins with "АС".
Prof. Boyan Nichev
Prof. Boyan Nichev is a bulgarian literary critic and historian. His scientific contribution is in the field of Literary Bulgarian Studies, Slavic and Balkan Studies. The collection was created in 2010 and covers books in different languages in the field of Literary Studies. Call number begins with "БН".
Acad. Vera Mutafchieva
Acad. Vera Mutafchieva is an Ottoman historian. She is a fiction literature writer which books has been translated in many languages. Vera Mutafchieva was awarded with many bulgarian and international awards. Part of her personal library was donated to the NBU in 2008. The publications collected over the years, reflects her different scientific interests. Call number begins with "ВМ".
Prof. Georgi Mihaylov
Prof. Georgi Mihaylov has research in many areas, while the largest part takes the Ancient Greek Epigraphy. His fundamental scientific works won numerous awards and brought him a great reputation. The collection was born in 2001 and includes books in history, archaeology and cultural heritage. Call number begins with "ГМ".

Acad. Ivan Duridanov
Acad. Ivan Duridanov (1920-2005) was professor of General and Indo-European Linguistics, the last Neogrammarian. He has developed an extensive portfolio of research publications, including 8 monographs and over 500 articles in the field of Linguistics. With great significance is his research in Comparative Literary Onomastics, Etymology and Paleo-Balkan languages ​​(Thracian, Dacian, Paeonian). Ivan Duridanov was longtime editor in chief of the "Linguistique Balkanique" magazine. He was invited to give lectures at the universities of Uppsala, Lund, Hamburg, Bonn, Köln, Saarbrucken, Salzburg. Call number begins with "ИД".
Prof. Ivanka Apostolova, D.Sc.
Prof. Ivanka Apostolova, D.Sc. is a scientist, professor and researcher in the field of philosophy. In the period 1995-2002 she served as Rector of the NBU. In her honour was opened a new reading room "Prof. Ivanka Apostolova, D.Sc." in the NBU Library. The personal library of Prof. Apostolova was donated to the NBU in 2007 by her brother and a sister. Its includes literature in different fields, like physics, biophysics, computer science, technology and a number of art works. Call number begins with "ИА".
Senior Scientific Assistant Magdalina Stancheva
SSA Magdalina Stancheva is an archaeologist, a longtime curator of the Museum of Sofia. In the public space she is known as "The Chief Archaeologist of Sofia" and "a keeper of the secrets of Sofia", earned thankfully to the salvage of the Rotunda and the Church "St. Petka of the Saddlers'. Magdalina Stancheva donated his entire personal library to the NBU in 1997. It consists of books and papers of international congresses and conferences in the field of archeology and cultural heritage. Call number begins with "МС". 
Prof. Peter Black
Prof. Black is an anthropologist from George Mason University in the USA. He is a specialist in Oceania and publishes materials about the religion, ethno-psychology and culture of the people in this region. Prof. Black donated his entire scientific collection to the NBU in 2006. Call number begins with "ПБ".
Prof. Richard Schneider
Prof. Richard Schneider is an american literary critic, author of numerous studies in the field of American Literary History and Fine Art. In 2006 he was a guest lecturer at NBU as part of the Fulbright Program, and in 2009 he donated part of his personal library to the university. Call number begins with "РШ".
Prof. Tseko Torbov 
Prof. Tseko Torbov is a laywer and philosopher. He is famous with his translations of Immanuel Kant's Critique, together with his wife. Prof. Torbov is a founder of the Bulgarian Philosophy of Law. Part of his personal library was donated in 2008 by his wife. Most of them editions in Bulgarian and German in the field of law, history and philosophy. Call number begins with "ЦТ".